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I'm Mark Z


If you're at all like me, you like the era of guitar where guitar was king. I am, of course, referring to 1965-1985! This was the time when guitar heroes could play amazing riffs and improvisation was part of the performance.

A lot of what I focus on is rock, blues and R&B, but I have an appreciation and love for all things guitar. This passion has taken me down a path of building an incredible community of musicians of all levels and I share lessons, product reviews and more with that community on my YouTube channel.

It is so incredible to be able to focus so much of my time and effort on doing what I love and helping others share in their love of playing guitar. I had lost touch with this passion for quite some time. Life happened and I fell out of rhythm with guitar being a part of my every day.

After well over a decade passing of not touching a guitar, I found my way back. But getting back to playing was not like riding a bike. I followed all of the "standard" methods to relearning my skill. I went back to old books and tapes and studied up on scales and chords. I relearned a few things. I got my hands and fingers limbered up. But I wasn't progressing. 

I then tried using new methods of learning. I went to YouTube and found so many great players there and some lessons too. But things weren't organized well and, while I had a variety of content to try out, I was still not making any progress.

A major turning point for me was when I started learning to play full songs again. While this was helping me progress toward my goal of playing better, it was still very limited progress. Then I started to change things up with each new song. I would incorporate scales and arpeggios. I would try out different types of guitars and amps and learned more about tone. 

I was finally reaching a point where I was refining existing skills while building new skills. More importantly, I was enjoying playing again and having fun with it.

I have spent the last few years looking back on those various methods I used to understand what worked for me and what didn't, so I could build a clear approach for my students as they embark on their journey. 

Now I want to share that program with you. This methodology works for all levels of players. Beginners, intermediates and experts. Those who have been playing for a while and those who are just starting out. And, of course, those who have let the the guitar gather dust and need some help strapping up again.

The approach is simple enough -- experience the joy of playing guitar while you're learning. I call this approach the 5-T System


The focus is on the foundation of four elements: timing, tone, technique and theory. 


Once you have those down, you to add the fifth element of tunes.

If you use this method, you will play great rhythm, impactful solos and even improvise confidently. You will love playing the guitar again because it will be about you making music and making the music that you love.

Check out available courses and learn about the great membership opportunities now.

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